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Soglax Turkey office is opened at 9th of June 2015
Soglax Turkey office is opened at 9th of June 2015

Jul 28, 2015 by Administrator

Soglax Turkey office is opened at 9th of June...

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BI & Analytics

Business Analytics aims to enable corporate users to make better business decisions through the usage of large data. It encompasses advances techniques such as predictive models as well as analytic reports, dashboards, scorecards and analytic applications.

We can distinguish between customer analytics, sales analytics, product  analytics, campaign analytics, operation analytics, channel analytics to help users answer questions like:

  • Who are my most valuable customers and what products are they buying?
  • What is the performance of my sales force and how is it evolving in time?
  • What are my most profitable products and services? By customer segment, by geographic area, by product category?
  • What is the success rate of my campaigns and offers?
  • Who are the customers which are most likely to churn?
  • Which contact channels are preferred by which customers?

Soglax uses its sector knowledge and ready models to architect customized solutions and aligns them with business goals of the customer. Soglax consultants’ extensive experience and knowledge of the most  popular Business Intelligence tools and technologies such as Oracle, SAP, SAS, IBM, Qlikview enables us to create fully functional systems while respecting  the customer’s tool preferences. In every engagement, our consultants work with business users to identify and understand the requirements that drive the design of data integration needs, data models, tool functions and usage interface layers. We also employ agile BI development approach which allows us to generate prototypes which are iterativeley improved until all of customer’s requirements are satisfied.