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Soglax Turkey office is opened at 9th of June 2015
Soglax Turkey office is opened at 9th of June 2015

Jul 28, 2015 by Administrator

Soglax Turkey office is opened at 9th of June...

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Data Warehousing

The first thing you need to benefit from Business Intelligence Technologies and tools is the data itself.

  • Which data should be used?
  • How these data should be stored?
  • Which data should be updated and how often?
  • Should data from various environments be integrated?
  • How should it be done?
  • Where and how to keep historical data?
  • How to organize data?
  • What kind of an architecture and data organization is needed to use reporting, analysis, OLAP analysis, data mining and campaign management efficiently?
  • Should data taken from operational environment be transformed into different models?
  • What kind of an architecture and data organizations are required for users in different profiles?
  • How to manage these data, environments, and data models? What does metadata mean?
  • What is the difference between metadata and technical metadata?
  • What does meta layer mean?
  • What does ODS mean?
  • What does data warehouse mean?
  • What is a datamart?
  • What is OLAP?
  • What is the difference between these environments and operational environments?

To answer these questions correctly it is required to have an expertise and experience on subjects like Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, OLAP, Data Mining, Customer Relations Management, that who benefits from these and how, expectations of users in different profiles, related technologies and tools and how to integrate these technologies, how to design an architecture comprising these and how to organize data in order to support this architecture. For instance, that a well-developed data warehouse needs to be independent of applications (and what does it mean) is a concept that is internalized by experts on this issue.

Soglax has the expertise to build the correct Data Warehouse architecture and data design by answering all these questions based on its academic and business knowledge. Soglax improves its solutions by acknowledging that there should be variations in solutions based on differences in sectors like banking, investment, insurance, telecom, retailing, media, call center and manufacturing. Proficiency in developing models in regards to sector based Data Warehouse, Datamart, OLAP and Data Mining is the most important factor that differentiates Soglax. These models can be adapted to specific industries easily, thereby overcoming the drawback that Data Warehouse projects are of long duration.  In short, ?Soglax has developed its own industry models, such as banking, insurance and telecommunications, has the in-depth expertise necessary to build specific data warehouse models from scratch, as well as knowledge of major industry models.